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Reklaim’s patented process uses pyrolysis to thermally break down scrap tires.

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Our Technology

Environmentally Responsible

Reklaim recognizes that the ever-growing supply of scrap tires presents serious environmental and public health challenges. Each Reklaim facility would divert approximately 2 million tires from the waste stream each year. Additionally, Reklaim’s process create minimal waste and air pollution.

Patented Process

Reklaim’s unique pyrolysis process was granted patents in both US and China in November of 2014.

Superior Products

Reklaim’s technology allows for precise temperature control, as well as a combustion free process which results in a high quality recovered carbon black that outperforms competition.

Waste Tires

Roughly 1 tire per person, per year is generated in North America. This equates to approximately 5 million tons of waste tires per year in the US and Canada. Each Reklaim plant processes 32,000 tons of tires, which is less than 1% of this total. Current management of waste tires include tire derived fuel, landfilling, and playground/outdoor uses, which all pose environmental and health risks.

Our Process

The central element Reklaim’s patented technology is pyrolysis, a thermal process by which hydrocarbon materials are broken down into smaller constituent materials in an oxygen-free environment. During tire pyrolysis, the chemical bonds within the rubber compounds are broken, with the rubber temporarily converted to a high temperature hydrocarbon gas, thereby liberating the recycled carbon black from the tire. The gasified rubber stream is then cooled and condensed into oil and gas streams.

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Our Plant

Our technology is currently in use at our Boardman, OR facility which began full commercial production in 2014.

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