Reklaim’s pyrolysis process currently creates two main products: Recovered Carbon Black (rCB), and Tire Derived Oil.

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Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)

Commercial Production

Reklaim is currently the only company in North America manufacturing commercial quantities of rCB. Current applications include both rubber and plastic products. Our product is pelletized and available in a variety of packaging options to fit customer’s needs

Unique Properties

Reklaim’s rCB is NOT a filler, but can be used as an additive or substitute for traditional carbon black grades for improved compound formulation and cost savings.

Green Product

Recklaim’s rCB is good for the environment and can assist customers in fulfilling sustainability initiatives; by utilizing post-consumer tires as feed stock, we divert material from landfills or hazardous burning. In addition, our process has approximately 60% the carbon footprint of traditional carbon black manufacturers.

Tire Derived Oil

Reklaim's process creates a by-product of Tire Derived Oil. This oil is a highly aromatic hydrocarbon liquid with an energy density slightly higher than diesel fuel. It is currently sold as blendstock into the industrial boiler fuels market, with final consumer markets which include cement kilns, paper mills and asphalt plants. Other market applications include refinery and petrochemical feedstock.

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