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Recycling rubber into valuable carbon black & energy products, while transforming the way the world manages scrap tires and launching a new sector in the green economy.

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Our Technology

The central element Reklaim’s patented technology is pyrolysis, a thermal process by which hydrocarbon materials are broken down into smaller constituent materials in an oxygen-free environment. Reklaim’s process utilizes rubber from waste tires, a feedstock that is in overabundance with significant environmental and health concerns. Our technology is currently in use at our commercial scale manufacturing facility located in Boardman, Oregon.

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Our Products

Carbon Black

Reklaim’s recovered carbon black (RCB) has been successfully evaluated and deemed acceptable for use in automotive hoses, belts, and other industry applications. Our material is the first 100% post-consumer carbon black that meets customer’s strict quality control standards for tensile strength, elongation, dispersion and other key specifications for each approved application.


Reklaim's tire derived oil is a hydrocarbon liquid with an energy density slightly higher than diesel fuel. Markets include feedstock for oil refineries, where it is converted to consumer fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, marine fuels and asphalt. Reklaim tire derived oil can also be used as a blend stock into the industrial boiler fuels market, where it is sold as a fuel into such markets as cement kilns and paper mills.


Reklaim also produces a high energy hydrocarbon gas. This gas is used to supply the Reklaim plant internal heat requirements, and can also be used to generate electricity for sale to the local grid.

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